In the first science café in Zuoz in the Engadine on November 22, 2018, the participants and the audience investigated the causes and effects of the return of once disappeared wildlife species to the Engadine. Biodiversity is under global and national pressure and is declining dramatically in some areas. By contrast, wildlife species that once disappeared in the Alps and especially in the Engadine, such as ibex, red deer, brown bear, wolf and, most recently, beaver, have returned. What is behind this impressive story? How do we deal with the return of wildlife species?

The experts Dr. David Jenny (wildlife biologist and President SESN, Zuoz), Prof. Dr. Heinrich Haller (Director Swiss National Park, Zernez), Anita Mazzetta (Managing Director WWF Graubünden, Chur), and Dr. Adrian Arquint (Head of the Office for Hunting and Fisheries Graubünden, Chur) and the audience discussed the issue. Duri Bezzola, forest engineer and managing director of Academia Raetica, Samedan, moderated the discussion.

The Academia Raetica and the Engadine Nature Research Society organized the event. Cafè Badilatti & Co, the municipality of Zuoz, the Graubündner Kantonalbank, the Lyceum Alpinum and Repower supported the event.

An article worth reading (in German) contribution in the Engadiner Post of 27.11.2018 reported on the event.

In connection with the topic we also refer to a contribution to the «Otter Sensation» (in German) published on 24.11.2018 in the Engadine Post contribution to the “Otter Sensation”.