The website informs newcomers in twelve different languages about life in Graubünden – covering many topics, such as work, language, health care, and social security. Similar information is compiled in the welcome brochure of the Canton Graubünden: English, German, Italian, and Spanish.
More language versions are available on the website of the “Fachstelle Integration” of the Canton Graubünden.

The agency for economic development and tourism of the Canton Graubünden has issued a brochure with a focus on the business infrastructure in Graubünden: “Graubünden. Work where you love to live” (in German only). The municipality of Davos has also published a «Welcome brochure». The website of the Swiss authorities,, provides detailed information on living and working in Switzerland.

The Canton Graubünden presents itself in a short movie:
Grisons the movie