As a rule, you must register your car with the cantonal road traffic authority (“Strassenverkehrsamt Graubünden”) no later than twelve months after reporting it to the customs office.
You will need the following documents:

  • Proof of a Swiss car insurance. You take out a car insurance with a Swiss insurance company. The latter electronically transmits the proof of insurance to the cantonal road traffic authority.
  • Foreign vehicle papers in the original
  • Proof of foreign registration
  • 18.44 Declaration/Application for clearance of household effects
  • Technical characteristics of the vehicle (e.g. service booklet)
  • Residence permit
  • Certificate of Compliance with European Standards (EC Certificate of Conformity). If not available: confirmation of exhaust and noise emissions (e.g., TÜV report).
  • Test report of the cantonal traffic authority (form 13.20A)

Before you receive the Swiss registration, you must have your vehicle checked for road safety. This motor vehicle test is called “Motorfahrzeugkontrolle” (MFK) in Switzerland. The cantonal road transport authority carries out the inspection. You can make an appointment as soon as the road transport authority is in possession of all the other necessary documents. Test sites are in Davos and Chur, for example (all sites). Note that it may take several weeks for the approval to be completed. Advice: Your car should be clean and tidy when you hand it in for inspection.

Strassenverkehrsamt Graubünden (road transport authority)
Main Office
Ringstrasse 2
7000 Chur
Phone +41 81 257 80 00