With the information on our website, we would like to help you to settle in quickly and feel at home in your new environment. Although we have compiled the information primarily with regard to foreign researchers, Swiss scientists can certainly benefit from it as well.

Welcome – Allegra – Benvenuti – Willkommen!

Welcome to Graubünden – you have decided to live, work, and research in this beautiful Swiss mountain canton. While much of our information is generally valid for Graubünden, some information refers specifically to the main sites for research and teaching, Davos and Chur. Do you have any questions? Daniela Heinen () will be happy to help you. You can also call us on +41 81 410 60 80.

All information is summarized in the PDF Guide Graubünden for downloading and printing.(Last updated March 23, 2021)

For information about the whole of Switzerland, the information platform “Switzerland+” from swissuniversities can be useful for foreign students and prospective students.

Although we try to ensure the correctness of the information provided in this section, we cannot assume liability for incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information.