Graduate School Graubünden

July 9, 2020 – July 10, 2020

Successful communication in oral presentations is essential in academia. Talks, panel discussions, and poster presentations shape how colleagues and the public perceive you and your research. How you present your research and yourself can “make or break” the success of a grant application, a job opportunity, or a collaboration down the line. In this seminar, we teach and help you practice authentic presentation techniques that work in an academic context. Above and beyond, we will discuss specifics about conferences and other academic presentation occasions. Moreover, we will develop ideas and rules for successful networking strategies.

TRAINERDr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt,
DATES & TIMEThursday, July 9, 2020 & Friday, July 10, 2020, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
LOCATIONSLF, Flüelastrasse 11, Davos Dorf
• Developing and optimizing an authentic and confident presentation style for scientific presentations
• Using body language, eye contact, and rhetorical techniques to get and keep the audience’s attention
• Optimizing the structure and choice of the presented content
• Networking strategies at conferences

Day 1
9:00 AM
• Welcome & overview
• What makes a good presentation a good one?
• The first impression decides, the last remains...
– One-minute talk about myself

10:45 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM
• Authenticity
– Conference conventions – a matter of culture?
• Content and structure
– Thriller or bedtime story? – How to talk about research
– Short presentation practice

12:30 PM Lunch break

1:30 PM
• Presenting versus chatting
– Working with questions
– Working with examples
– Eye contact

3:15 PM Coffee break

3:30 PM
• Self-presentation
– Voice & breathing
– Body language and embodiment – Why ...
- ... folded arms make us „reserved“!
- ... power posing makes us powerful!

4:45 pm Conclusion & summary day 1

Day 2
9:00 AM
• Review day 1 & questions/difficulties
• Preparation 3 min presentations

10:45 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM
• Presentations of participants I (with video recording)
– Peer and expert feedback

12:00 AM Lunch break

1:00 PM
• Presentations of participants II (with video recording)
– Peer and expert feedback

3:00 PM Coffee break

3:15 PM
• Whistleblowing...
– Handling anxiety and mishaps
– Handling critical discussions
– Social life ... Networking at conferences and elsewhere

4:30 PM Conclusions & evaluation
TARGET AUDIENCEPhD candidates and everyone who wants to practice their presentation skills, especially for the conference “Graubünden forscht”.
CONTACT Course Coordinator: Daniela Heinen, , phone 081 410 60 80
CREDIT POINTSThe workload will be approximately 16 hours. Please check with your su­pervisor at your university, if the course counts towards ECTS.
COURSE CERTIFICATEYou will receive a certificate of attendance, if you attend the entire course.
REGISTRATIONOnline registration opens on December 16, 2019 at 10.00 am. Sign up here. Deadline for registration: June 8, 2020. You will receive a confirmation of your registration within a few days after your registration.
CANCELLATION POLICYWe ex­pect you to be pre­sent for the full du­ra­ti­on of the cour­se. Please see our Terms of Participation for details. (Terms in German)
COSTThe course fee is CHF 150 for the entire course. The amount is payable ten days prior to the course. You will receive an invoice and our bank details in due time.

About the Trainer
Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt studied Psychology at the University of Greifswald, where she also completed her PhD in 2010. She then had a postdoc position at the Center of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC, Bielefeld University) and was a visiting professor for Social Psychology at the University of Osnabrück. In addition, she completed a two-year training program in management consulting and coaching (Deutsche Psychologenakademie). Today, Dieta Kuchenbrandt is the co-owner of schainundkuchenbrandt, working as a trainer and coach dedicated to the interests and concerns of scientists in academia. Her work particularly focuses on career planning for scientists, applying for professorships, time management, and presentation skills.

05-20 Attention please! (Course details PDF)