Graduate School Graubünden

September 24, 2020 – September 24, 2020

The online workshop is reserved for participants in the conference “Graubünden forscht”.

Time: 9.00 am to 11.00 am
via ZOOM
max. number participants: 16

Although the importance of their research work is usually clear to the scientists involved, as their work is usually tax-payer funded, it is crucial that the relevance of their research is communicated to the general public. The Corona crisis has also shown that for the public, not only scientific factual knowledge (“What is a virus and how can it be tackled?”), but also the processes and procedures of research (“How do peer reviews work? How definitive is a scientific finding and how quickly do we arrive at it? What is a hypothesis?”) are interesting and relevant.

There is therefore a growing consensus that “communication” is an important task for researchers and research institutions. This workshop focuses on what each individual researcher can do in the field of public relations – whether she or he works at an institute that has a strong communication department or not. We will look at examples from other scientists and try to take the first steps ourselves. Maybe you will decide to go public after the workshop?

About the lecturer
Birgit Ottmer (*1973) studied environmental sciences at ETH Zurich – influenced by the environmental disasters of the 1980s. Initially driven by diffuse thoughts of saving the world, she recognized her interest in both «hardcore research» and the communication of science in the course of her studies. She has been working in communications at the SLF and WSL since 2001; after further training to become an «Executive Master in Corporate Communication», she has been its head since 2009. As a mother of two children, the topic of «compatibility of work and family» is also of great concern to her.