Graduate School Graubünden

27. Februar 2019 – 28. Februar 2019

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How to get the best out of your team
The modern workplace is a collaborative environment. In both research and industry, it is essential for success to be able to negotiate, resolve conflicts, persuade and motivate team members and people both above you and below you in the hierarchy. Participants will learn leadership and team management skills which will enable them to be proactive and flexible when managing the diverse groups they will lead in academia or industry.

TRAINERRob Thompson,
DATES & TIMEWednesday, February 27, 2019 (09:00 am to 05:00 pm) & Thursday, February 28, 2019, (08:30 am to 04:30 pm)
LOCATIONSIAF, Obere Strasse 22, Davos Platz
COURSE OUTLINE Special environment
Teams that are made up of highly intelligent, independent and innovative men and women need special handling. However, dealing with team members is relatively easy. Dealing with people above you in the hierarchy is especially difficult and requires specialized techniques.

‘One size’ does not fit all
In such an environment a flexible, highly targeted and subtle approach is essential. This workshop will teach the skills necessary to manage not just team members but also people in more senior positions. This will ensure that participants have the skills to make full use of all the available talents and achieve the appropriate success.

This flexible workshop will cover:
1. The different types of difficult people and how to manage them
2. How to manage the boss
3. Advanced conflict management techniques
4. Building confidence and being appropriately assertive
5 . Goal setting and achieving techniques to ensure productivity
6. Excellent team management skills
7. How to motivate, communicate and manage expectations
OUTCOMESParticipants will learn leadership and team management skills which will enable them to be proactive and flexible when managing the diverse groups they will lead in academia or industry.

Workshop style
The workshop will be a structured discussion forum to facilitate ideas and develop strategies. The workshop draws on the personal experience of all participants as well as that of the trainer, thereby ensuring that the training is specific for and relevant to the participants’ individual needs. Participants will be polled before the workshop (about 20 to 30 minutes to complete) to determine their individual areas of interest.

The workshop will be very interactive. Expect to be asked lots of questions, expect to be challenged, and expect to participate!
TARGET AUDIENCEThis workshop is open to researchers of all stages from member institutions of Academia Raetica.
CONTACT Course Coordinator: Daniela Heinen,, phone 081 410 60 80
CREDIT POINTSThe workload including preparation will be approximately 17 hours. Please check with your su­pervisor at your university, if the course counts towards ECTS.
COURSE CERTIFICATEYou will receive a certificate of attendance, if you attend the entire course.
REGISTRATIONOnline registration opens on January 24, 2019 at 08.00 am. Registration is now closed. You will receive a confirmation of your registration within a few days after your registration.
CANCELLATION POLICYWe ex­pect you to be pre­sent for the full du­ra­ti­on of the cour­se. Please see our Terms of Participation for details. (Terms in German)
COSTThe course fee is CHF 150 for the entire course. The amount is payable ten days prior to the course. You will receive an invoice and our bank details in due time.

About the Trainer
Rob Thompson takes people who are already good at what they do and hones their skills to make them even better. He is an expert in interpersonal interaction who specializes in teaching people how to improve their general confidence and in particular, their ability to deal with difficult / challenging people and situations.
Intelligent people are extremely independent of mind. They are not easy to persuade or lead. Getting a team of smart passionate people smoothly onto the same page often requires a great deal of skill and subtlety.

Rob has developed a unique model that has helped thousands of successful people improve their self-confidence and enabled them to persuade effectively and so manage the inevitable friction that occurs between intelligent motivated creative people in the workplace.
Rob’s highly individual and personal approach has helped many people increase their confidence, improve their management skills and unleash their potential. His clients include Charité, Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Association, The Spanish National Cancer Research Institute (CNIO), Hannover Medical School and multiple universities and research institutes all over Europe.