Graduate School Graubünden

13. Februar 2018

LECTURERSProf. Dr. Niklaus Stettler, Prof. Bruno Wenk, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur
DATETuesday, February 13, 2018
LOCATIONSIAF, Seminar room, Obere Strasse 22, 7270 Davos Platz
LECTURE DESCRIPTIONThe research landscape is changing. Digital technologies support strategies and procedures for open science with the aim of making research processes and their results openly accessible and usable. The results of research projects are already increasingly being published in open access journals. The underlying data, on the other hand, is usually not accessible. They are not available for subsequent use in other projects, and often the results of research projects cannot be reproduced without access to the data, or only incompletely.
Research data management serves to consciously design the systematic handling of research data, from planning, recording and processing to publication (e. g. in a data paper or on a repository) and digital long-term archiving.
It is becoming more and more common for research funding institutions to support researchers in implementing such processes; for example, the Swiss National Science Foundation has been demanding a data management plan (DMP) as an integral part of applications since October 2017.
See also: SUK-P2 project "Train2Dacar" (Train the Trainer for Data Curation in Advanced Research),

In this lecture we will discuss:
• Re-Using Open Data (repositories, data papers)
• Data Lifecycle Management
• Data Management Plan
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02-18 Introduction to research data management (PDF)