Graduate School Graubünden

29. August 2019 – 30. August 2019

Please note that we will be offering either the course 04-19 Scientific Writing or the course 05-19 Communicating Science Online on August 29 & 30, 2019, depending on how many of you are interested to participate.


How can scientists benefit from being present on social media and from communicating actively online? The NaWik-seminar “Communicating Science Online” offers a well-structured and comprehensive introduction to online media with a particular focus on how scientists can make most of Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and blogs.

Participants of this seminar will have identified and understood the factors underlying effective science communication. They will be able to decide which online tools and networks offer tangible benefits and they will be equipped and encouraged to actively participate in communicating science online.

• Who communicates in the new media landscape?
• The digital profile and how to influence it
• Social networks and their benefit for scientists
• Digital tools for scholarly communication
• Science blogging for beginners
• A framework for successful science communication
• Dos and Don’ts when communicating online

Max. number of particpants: 16

Registration will open in May. We will keep you posted.